FORCE NYC hosts "Viewing BRCA", a special In the Family screening

P.O.V., PBS' award-winning nonfiction film series, and FORCE are proud to offer a FREE screening of In the Family, a Kartemquin documentary by Joanna Rudnick, a BRCA-positive filmmaker, that chronicles the stories of families undergoing genetic testing, the decisions they make as a result, and the impact those decisions have on their lives.

Joanna Rudnick on "BRCA-Mommy-Hood"

Ahead of tonight's WTTW Chicago broadcast of In the Family, director/producer Joanna Rudnick reflects on the past decade of her life: living with the knowledge that she is genetically predisposed to a high chance of suffering from breast and ovarian cancer, making an award-winning film about the consequences of that knowledge and its effect on other women with the BRCA gene mutation, and finally, giving birth to a beautiful baby girl!

Read Joanna's moving blog below and watch a video update below:

Martha Haley's "How"

Many viewers have asked for a copy of the poem "How" spoken by Martha Haley in the film. Here is the full poem:


How can I fight you, when you insist on sneaking up on me?

How can I hide you, for everywhere I go you try to find me?

How can I see myself as a "woman" when you insist upon disfiguring me?

How can I look at my daughter, sister and friend and wonder are you
going to hurt them also.

How can I walk straight, when try to ripple through my bones?

How can I wake up when you try to tell me there's no need to get up?


Joanna Rudnick to speak at LA FORCE screening

FORCE: Facing Our Risk of Cancer Empowered in Los Angeles presents a very special screening of In the Family with filmmaker Joanna Rudnick at Disney Studios, Burbank, CA on March 27th at 3:30pm.

Joanna will be joined for a post-screening discussion with Ora Karp Gordon, MD, Director of the GenRisk Adult Genetics Program at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and Anya Prince, JD, attorney with the Cancer Legal Resource Center specializing in genetic discrimination issues.

Free to attend. RSVP to FORCE LA:

In the Family in Seattle and Canada

Kartemquin's 2008 documentary In the Family has some exciting new screenings coming up, most notably its Canadian television premiere and an appearance at the Seattle Jewish Film Festival.

The personal impact of In The Family

In the Family was recently cited for its inspiring impact by breast cancer survivor Chrissy Garcia in the print magazine Fairfax Woman. Mrs Garcia relates how "throughout the documentary, we see Joanna [Rudnick] as she tries to figure out what she wants, and how she would fight like a girl." Watching the film motivated her to face her own struggle to consider "how much to sacrifice to survive" and to find a community of women at FORCE (Facing Our Risk of Cancer Empowered) who understand her experience.

Joanna Rudnick heralds "landmark victory" in ACLU/Myriad gene patenting case

In the wake of yesterday's historic court ruling against Myriad Genetics, Kartemquin's In the Family is featured in a special segment on today's All Things Considered on NPR (available to live stream here from 7pm ET).

Judge rules in favor of ACLU in Myriad Genetic case

A U.S. District judge has ruled in favor of the ACLU in their lawsuit against Myriad Genetics today, stating that it's patents for the BRCA1 and BRCA2 gene-test “are directed to a law of nature and were therefore improperly granted.”

In the Family screening reaches bilingual audience

Kartemquin's Emmy-nominated documentary In the Family screens in Chicago tomorrow at the Better Boys Foundation and is achieving our goal of reaching the new audiences who need to hear about the issues involved in the film by being featured in two local bilingual newspapers: Extra News and Lawndale Bilingual Newspaper.

Better Boys Foundation to screen In the Family in Chicago

Chicago's Better Boys Foundation will host a free screening of In the Family on March 26th. Director Joanna Rudnick will attend the screening and participate in a post-screening Q+A along with several experts on breast/ovarian cancer.

For public information about the screening, contact Kelley Moseley, BBF YouthLAB Co-Director, at 773-542-7335 or

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