Incredible new play takes the stage in NYC

New British play asks: Is it true that in order to truly heal and move forward in your life you have to visit what it is that caused you to run in the first place?

The Things I wish My Mother Would Have Told Me

October 22nd- November 2, 2008 at Center Stage NY Theatre

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The Things I Wish My Mother Would Have Told me

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"My intent is for more women to use knowledge of their family history to screen for and possibly prevent breast cancer"

Filmmaker Joanna Rudnick blogs about genetic testing and her experiences on Check it out here!

Press Release from Illinois Governor: First Lady Announces Breast and Ovarian Cancer Testing for Women on Medicaid

October 10, 2008

First Lady Announces Breast and Ovarian Cancer Testing for Women on Medicaid

Genetic Testing Will Help Women with Significant Family Histories Determine Both Their Risk of Developing Hereditary Breast Cancer and Treatment Options

ACLU: BRCA, Genetic Testing, and Civil Liberties: It’s What Christina Applegate, Oprah, and PBS Are All Talking About

Ready to speak up? ACLU blogs about In The Family and important issues concerning civil liberties and genetic testing.

"...let’s bring to the fore a discussion about the fundamental rights to access and freedom from discrimination that are essential in order for women, their doctors, and researchers to work together to combat breast cancer and make the best healthcare decisions."

Accepted to the Council on Foundations Film and Video Festival!

It is with great excitement we tell you that In the Family has been selected for inclusion in the Council on Foundations Film and Video Festival! The festival will take place during the Council on Foundations’ annual conference next May in Atlanta. It is an honor to be accepted!

Many thanks to Matt Pakula and the Playboy Foundation, and Jennifer Rosenkrantz and the Michael Reese Health Trust for their support and recommendations with this (and so many other) endeavor.

Featured in the Chicago Tribune

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Fantastic Photo Essay!

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Joanna on National Public Radio's Talk Of The Nation!

Listen HERE to In The Family Director Joanna Rudnick featured on the National Public Radio program Talk of the Nation.

Talk to Joanna on Talk of the Nation
As Talk of the Nation is a call-in talk show, listeners had an opportunity to call in with questions and comments during the segment. They were able to interact with Joanna directly on the air.

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Joanna on Friday Night with John Callaway

Watch an Interview with Joanna on Chicago Tonight.
Click Here then select "recent stories." Joanna is the third down on the list, titled "Friday Night Preview"

The full interview will air again on WTTW Channel 11 after the conclusion of the October 1st broadcast.

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