In the Family to have Middle East premiere in Qatar

Northwestern University in Qatar will host the Middle East premiere of the Emmy-nominated documentary In the Family on March 16th at 9pm. Director/Producer Joanna Rudnick will attend the screening. NU-Q students will also screen their own mini-documentary, which has been submitted to the Al Jazeera Documentary Film Festival competition, as part of the event.

The breakthrough screening marks yet another remarkable achievement for the 2008 film, which also continues to screen across the US and is regularly being used as a focal point for opening up discussions about genetic patenting and cancer awareness. The New York Law School will host a screening of the film and a panel discussion on February 22nd, and Yale Law School recently hosted a similar event on February 11th.

Rudnick will be in Qatar as part of a month-long trip she is undertaking to film the work of photographer Rick Guidotti's Positive Exposure project in addressing the treatment of Albinism in Africa and the Middle East for her next film, On Beauty. The film's crew - Rudnick, Guidotti, Dana Kupper and John Mathie - leave for Kenya on Saturday to begin filming. To support the project, click here.

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