In the Family screening reaches bilingual audience

Kartemquin's Emmy-nominated documentary In the Family screens in Chicago tomorrow at the Better Boys Foundation and is achieving our goal of reaching the new audiences who need to hear about the issues involved in the film by being featured in two local bilingual newspapers: Extra News and Lawndale Bilingual Newspaper. The screening was also featured in Bill Zwecker's column in the Chicago Sun-Times.

The free screening is Kartemquin's second collaboration with the Better Boys Foundation, who also worked with Kartemquin's Kelley Moseley on a number of events and hosted free outreach screening to celebrate the 15th anniversary of Hoop Dreams in 2009. Tommorow's free screening is preceded by a special reception and will be followed by a Q&A session with director Joanna Rudnick and panelists from the American Cancer Society, the Metropolitan Chicago Breast Cancer Taskforce and Sinai Urban Health Institute.

For public information about the screening, contact Kelley Moseley, BBF YouthLAB Co-Director, at 773-542-7335 or

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