FORCE NYC hosts "Viewing BRCA", a special In the Family screening

P.O.V., PBS' award-winning nonfiction film series, and FORCE are proud to offer a FREE screening of In the Family, a Kartemquin documentary by Joanna Rudnick, a BRCA-positive filmmaker, that chronicles the stories of families undergoing genetic testing, the decisions they make as a result, and the impact those decisions have on their lives.

After the film, please join us for a discussion utilizing the development of a new reflective tool: "Viewing BRCA." This visual tool addresses the thoughts, questions and emotions that are raised by the issues related to BRCA, and is intended to further the reflection in connection to watching In the Family with friends or family. Helena Kjellgren, the designer of the tool, and the FORCE NYC coordinators will lead the discussion.

Family members are encouraged to attend. Please note that during the discussion, there will be photography and video being taken. Participation in the filming is optional.

Please click here to view the full flyer for this great event.

Please RSVP here or call 347-439-3222.

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