The personal impact of In The Family

In the Family was recently cited for its inspiring impact by breast cancer survivor Chrissy Garcia in the print magazine Fairfax Woman. Mrs Garcia relates how "throughout the documentary, we see Joanna [Rudnick] as she tries to figure out what she wants, and how she would fight like a girl." Watching the film motivated her to face her own struggle to consider "how much to sacrifice to survive" and to find a community of women at FORCE (Facing Our Risk of Cancer Empowered) who understand her experience. Read more here.

In the Family was also cited by Sue Friedman in a blog post marking the approval by the House of Representatives of National HBOC Week and Previvor Day as the culmination of years of effort by FORCE. In What a Difference A Decade Makes, she states: "Through In the Family, Joanna Rudnick turned the camera on herself and many FORCE members, and showed the world the poignant life of the HBOC previvor and survivor, and FORCE’s role in organizing us. These previvors demonstrated the high-risk sense of self to the world—facing their challenges head on, refusing to be delegated to the shadows, and eschewing the stigma that society places on people with diseases by normalizing words like “mutation,” “prophylactic surgery” and “genetic testing.” The film was also praised for being "incisive and educational in a grounded way" by previvor Beth Cohen Pfeiffer in her blog.

FORCE community members have organized a number of screenings in October for Breast Cancer Awareness month. Check our events page for listings. Please contact us if you would like to set up a screening, or if you would like us to list a screening on our site.

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