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Joanna Rudnick’s In the Family bravely explores the emotional implications of predictive genetic testing for breast and ovarian cancer. It challenges the stigma and secrecy associated with familial disease, while defending the rights of all populations to access genetic information and receive equitable health care. It is a sensitive, provocative and important film.

- Elizabeth Edwards, Breast Cancer Survivor and wife of Former Senator John Edwards

“With breathtaking honesty, skillful artistry, scientific accuracy, and loving care, Joanna Rudnick tells her own story and that of many other families wrestling with a genetic report that spells BRCA1 – breast and ovarian cancer. I have never seen a film that revealed the human side of the new genetics more compellingly.”

- Francis S. Collins, M.D., Ph.D., Director of the Human Genome Project

If the measure of a good film is that you’re still thinking about it days later, then In the Family is the best movie I’ve seen all year.

- DCist.com Movie Review

In the Family tells a heartbreaking story of one woman’s struggle to make sense of pre-disposition. Joanna is breathing air into the camera and makes us sigh with relief every time the audience looks into her strong eyes. If you want to believe in the human spirit, go see this woman’s film. It elevated my idea of strength in the face of adversity. If you are not inspired by her tale, you might want to check your own pulse.

- Evan Matthew, Senior Reporter Star Magazine

This film showed me that there are lots of people with the same issues and concerns as me. I am not alone. I try to stuff down the emotions and deal with only the clinical aspect. This made me look at the other side. I want my husband, and other non-BRCA family members to view so they understand my feelings more.

- Heather, High-Risk Woman, Dunedin FL

In the Family brings to life the story of young women search for balance between quality of life and cancer prevention in the face of a genetic mutation. The film humanizes the statistics and sheds light on the physical and emotional considerations that are part of this arduous decision making process. The Lance Armstrong Foundation believes in everyone’s right to live life on their own terms and In the Family truly demonstrates this principle while highlighting the power of information and virtue of personal strength.

-Lance Armstrong Foundation

In the Family is a tender, stunning, and forceful invitation to join the ultimate family – the human race. Joanna Rudnick explores her options with transparency and truth. I am compelled to watch this film many times, to plumb the stories she masterfully presents. I know of no other film that explores genetics in humanity with such passion and color! In the Family presents a valuable resource for educating the nation’s top policy-makers about the human side of this complex health policy matter.

- Sharon Terry, President and CEO, Genetic Alliance

I applaud your intention to cover the impact of hereditary cancer from a more personal perspective.

- Dr. James Coyne, Abramson Family Cancer Research Institute, University of Pennsylvania

A Learning Tool For This Unaware Male…
I just wanted to briefly comment on the power that In the Family had on this viewer, as I was presented with a conflict with which I was fully able to empathize: despite the fact that I will never know what it is like to have ovaries in the first place! This film, though incredibly heavy in emotional content, should be seen by anyone who apathetically ignores Breast Cancer Walks, like myself. Not because it will change their feelings about traffic on Lake Shore Drive, but because it captures the viewer in a way that makes the conflict of genetic mutations human.

- From the Midwest Independent Film Festival Forum Message Board, June 2008

As a director of a genetic counseling program, part of my job is to make sure I send our students out with a real awareness and sensitivity towards the emotional impact of this information. Do I currently have a specific tool to explore these issues for BRCA? No. Will In the Family be a great tool? Yes.

- Nancy Callanan, CGC, 2007 President National Society of Genetic Counselors

...a film that is informative, enlightening, life-affirming, funny, and at times even infuriating.

- Garry Denny, Public Media Digest

After watching this film, I feel so much less alone, and so much more equipped to face the question of testing and outcomes with a stronger idea of how to do it. For that alone, I am undoubtedly grateful.

- Cole Krawitz, Freelance Writer


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