Host a Screening

All screenings (no matter how large or small, formal or informal) should be registered with our PBS broadcast partner P.O.V. To get started, visit and click on the ‘host a screening’ link on the left-side toolbar.


You will simply fill out a short questionnaire and POV will send you a facilitator's guide, feedback forms, and other helpful tools.

About a week or two prior to your screening, the film will be sent to you through a lender’s library – so while it is completely free, the DVD must be sent back after you are done with your screening(s).

Screenings should not be billed as Fundraisers: We very much want In the Family to be “equal-opportunity” viewing. As this film was made for educational purposes, we want as many people as possible to see the film. Thus, we are broadcasting on Public Television and are working with P.O.V. to make DVDs and other resources available for free to host community screenings nationally and abroad.

We understand there can be costs involved with organizing community screenings. While you are more than welcome to seek sponsorship from organizations to help cover costs, we ask that if you do want to ask for donations from the audience, please be discreet and welcome those who do not or cannot give money to see the film.

Alerting Local Press: A media fax back form must be filled out and approved by the AmDoc/P.O.V. Communications Department if you plan to alert local press. Please fax your form to 212-989-8230.


Individuals: Click here to buy In the Family on DVD.

Institutions: Click here to buy In the Family with rights to screen publicly

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